Take Up Gardening If You Want To Be Happy

Modern life has become highly mechanical and most of our waking and even sleeping hours are spent amidst machines. The expanding urban borders have eaten up the forests and greenery of the earth. It is a well-known fact that the technical advancement has brought with itself many ailments like anxiety, depression and many ailments caused due to stress. In fact many experts are out there trying to teach people how to be stress free and happy. But in all the hype of the so called lifestyle coaches we forget the biggest coach – nature.

Going Back In Time

We cannot really go back in time and at least cannot immediately undo the harm caused by the mechanization of human life. However, we can definitely get respite from the constant humdrum and hectic running around, by spending some time with nature. While people spend exorbitant amounts of money to go to exotic places in order to be close with nature, you need to only go to your backyard to do so. Yes you can indulge in gardening in order to be close with nature. Most of you may have felt the positive effect of greenery on your mood and feelings. At the same time, tending to and watching plants grow has a therapeutic effect in itself.

Scientific Research

The fact that gardening has healing properties is not just a belief but actually has roots in scientific research. There are certain healthy bacteria found in soil which are known to cause an increase in the secretion of serotonin in the body. These bacteria have the scientific name of Mycobacterium Vaccae. At the same time, serotonin as many people know is the hormone that regulates mood, improves memory, the immune system and social behavior. It is also a well known scientific fact that low serotonin levels are responsible for causing anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and bipolar disorder. Hence it can be said that if you get your hands in the soil, it will stimulate the production of this hormone and will prevent these ailments and make you happier.

Composite cladding creating a contemporary aesthetic

Summer is finally here, or at least we hope it is, and given our current mood we wanted to put some information together on how you can transform your garden in a simple and efficient manner without going for a full renovation / landscaping project!

Given that a full renovation project can take weeks and sometimes months to complete, our team at Rising Point wanted to look at alternative ways in which to transform your garden into a stunning, tranquil place within a relatively short amount of time!

This is ‘creating a contemporary garden’ in time for summer!

Creating a contemporary garden: What Materials should we use?

After researching a few different sites we found a few products that we loved and as such, wanted to document them here with a view to sparking some creative juices.

The products that we all agree would look amazing in any garden are documented below;

  • Composite Decking
  • Composite Cladding
  • Balustrading

Before we break each item down you may ask us, why have we chosen composite materials? The answer, longevity! Whilst timber decking and cladding look great they cant be compared to the composite sibling. The composite material is not affected by weather conditions, dry rot or insect damage. The second benefit is that composite materials carry a longer guarantee due to how long the material will last!

Composite Decking

If you are serious about creating a contemporary garden then composite decking is a great start! We found that Ecoscape UK have an amazing range of Composite Decking Boards available in a variety of colours, styles and composite materials.

The boards are literally as stylish as they are durable as can be seen by the stunning images. These boards also come with an impressive guarantee which is definitely worth looking into!

Create a contemporary garden with composite decking boards

The bigger the space the better the use you will get out of these stunning products! Once the composite deck has been installed you just need to make use of some good quality garden furniture and you are good to go!

grey composite decking boards and balustrading

Composite Cladding

Composite cladding has steadily increased in popularity over the years with a range of smaller properties up to palatial homes all craving the modern aesthetic created.

Like other cladding on the market, composite rules the roost! The durability is there to see with composite materials lasting well over 30 years plus!

Composite cladding creating a contemporary aesthetic

The composite cladding is versatile and can be applied to any boundary, gate, building and more! Simply choose your colour and style of cladding and away you go!Ecoscape UK Composite cladding


Composite balustrading is a great addition to any composite decking project especially when used with glass as the below images show.

The glass used within balustrading is usually toughened glass which is great when we experience cold temperatures, boisterous children or drunken tomfoolery at family get togethers.

Composite balustrading with toughened glassComposite balustrading with glass

For more information and imagery on the composite materials above and other products that could potentially inspire creativity within your garden why not check out the Ecoscape UK Facebook Page.

More information on composite decking, credible citations and more can be found on the Wikipedia Composite Lumber Page.…

Dopamine is another hormone that is responsible for regulating the mood of a person. This is a neurotransmitter which controls the brain centers which are related to pleasure and reward. It also helps with focus, memory and sleep. An imbalance in the levels of dopamine can cause sexual, eating and drug addictions.

It is due to dopamine bursts in the brain that we feel pleasure in certain activities. Now scientific research has proved that acts like picking an apple or flower off a tree can cause a boost in the dopamine level. This is another scientific reason why gardening makes you feel good and positive.

Help From Professionals

Although small scale gardening with a few pots and plants may be easy to do yourself, but tending and maintaining a large garden can be quite taxing and challenging. At the same time, a layman would not know how to tend to certain plants which require special care. This is the reason that you should hire professional gardening experts to help you maintain your garden with beautiful plants and trees.


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